Welcome to Austin. You’re Gonna Love It!

Don't Move Here by Jann Alexander © 2014

You’re Gonna Love Austin by Jann Alexander © 2014

Welcome to Austin, all ye visitors to SXSW. You’re gonna love Austin. We all do. You’re about to find out why Austin, Texas makes every Top Ten list anyone ever thought of. So please enjoy yourselves. Drink responsibly. Enjoy our Texas charm, our friendly smiles, our lovely laidback energy, our creative spirit, our can-do attitude and our penchant for flops. Take in our balmy weather, our outdoor trails, our big blue skies, our famous Tex-Mex, our infamous SoCo, our energetic pedi-cabbers, our fabulous dogs (indoors and out), our diverse food trailers, our kickass Mexican Martinis, our killer Hill Country views, our slick new downtown, our beloved old landmarks, our wealth of music and our quirky local style. Take it all in! Live it! Love it! Spend wildly, imbibe crazily and put it all on Instagram! Just don’t move here. 


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