Here’s to Halcyon Days Ahead for Legal Vices

Those Halcyon Days by Jann Alexander © 2014

Those Halcyon Days by Jann Alexander © 2014

Some of Austin’s towers are getting pretty overtowering, but locally-owned Halcyon is holding its own against Austin’s first real tower, the Frost Bank Tower.

As Brittany Highland writing in the Austinot reminds us (via twitter), you can get your caffeine or alcohol or nicotine or sugar or panini or just plain people-watching fix satisfied all at once at this staple in Austin’s Warehouse District, Halcyon. This local coffee shop’s motto is almost famous in Austin:

“All Your Legal Vices Under One Roof.”

Halcyon has even come up with a fine way to combine some of them: Order a chocolate espresso martini and maintain your equilibrium while indulging.

Here’s your vocabulary lesson for today: The noun halcyon refers to a fabled kingfisher capable of calming the winds and the seas, but when it’s used as an adjective, halcyon actually means calm, peaceful, tranquil, carefree and prosperous.

Here’s to that fate for Halcyon and its customers—long may local reign in Austin. 

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