Where oh where will the Warehouse go?

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The freight lines brought the low-brick industrial warehouses that once dominated Austin from I-35 to MoPac, and in the early 20th century, the building known locally as the Spaghetti Warehouse was part of a busy commercial district, warehousing groceries. Reincarnated as a brothel during Prohibition, and serving up spaghetti with mystery dinner theatre since 1975, the 1902 building maintains a small foothold in today’s much smaller Warehouse District, now dominated by somewhat taller structures.

The historic building above, known locally as the Spaghetti Warehouse, was sold to new owners in June 2011.

But will the warehouse continue serving spaghetti under new ownership? That seems unlikely, according to the Austin Business Journal‘s July 29 story, calling the former Spaghetti Warehouse site “a hot potato.”

Fries, anyone?

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